Istanbul Urban Adventures Team

IstanbulUrbanAdventuresCrewHos geldiniz! Welcome to Istanbul Urban Adventures! Our team of bilingual Turkish professional guides are waiting to share their passion for this fascinating city and all that it has to offer. Istanbul is a city of so many must sees, fabulous food to taste, and cultural customs to learn about such as backgammon and coffee readings. Our team comes from all walks of life but all of us have a desire to share with travellers more than just the sites. While our trips have a set itinerary we often change the routes to include points of interest and new discoveries.


Urban Adventures is an exciting product to be involved with, as it gives us a unique opportunity to share the real side of life in our city, where east really does meet west.  Our urban adventures are designed to allow our travellers a peek at life inside the city. Join us as we explore mosques hidden away and discuss what it’s like to be a modern Islamic Turk and then haggle for fresh pistachios in the fresh food markets.


Join today’s Turks in their modern stomping ground and get the lowdown on what and when, while also being stunned by ancient architecture and fascinating cultural customs such as having your fortune told. Or join us for a very authentic family meal with locals in their home and discuss the news of the day and what the family members were up to that day.


We are committed to sustainable tourism and do our best to walk the talk. All our travellers receive cloth bags to use for shopping while in Istanbul to make a stand against the wastage of plastic bags. We also support Mavi Kalem, a NGO set up to educate and support women and children from the financially challenged areas of the city.


All our travellers should take the time to read the Urban Adventures Responsible Travel policy, in particular the guidelines for travellers and Top 12 Responsible Travel Tips. These will assist you in your own endeavours to be a green traveller.


As the team lives and breathes Istanbul, we are in the best position to show you what is actually going on at anytime. Whether feasting on a delicious soup or photographing local fishermen on Galata Bridge, or finding out about some awesome concert or exhibition, we can give you an opportunity to walk in Turkish shoes for a day.